With 20 years of experience I can moderate all formats of workshops for you, depending on the desired topic, also in English.

You may benefit from my high degree of empathy which enables me to get in good touch with people, my ability of adapting to different target groups and group dynamics and to be have the capacity to steer these groups and situations constructively.

My work style is both structured and target-oriented, as well as creative and flexible in methodological design, in my moderations and my interacting with participating people.

Generally I emphasize on interactive integration of all participants – and that the team work during the workshop is “fun”. We always enjoy ourselves in my workshops!


In-House-Workshops are seminars for soft skill topics where I want to convey detailed contents, which are actively trained and repeated by the participants who also receive a personal feedback.

Other in-house-workshops offer the opportunity to let groups develop joint results, gently accompanied by my moderations, for example in strategy workshops and innovation workshops.

All my workshops are tailored to your identified targets and preferences.

For best results, the chosen locations for in-house-workshops are usually outside the normal working environment, for example in hotels or seminar locations – or even in a suitable cottage.


Team workshops are all about the team itself: How can we enhance ourselves as a team? What is our self-conception, our mission, our internal organization and our allocation of responsibilities? How do we treat each other? Where do we encounter team tensions or conflicts, which need clarification?

A team workshop is a targeted combination of team exercises and precise reflections of the respective objective as well as the team agreements or particular measure planning. Again, here you may benefit from my long-term experience in targeted moderation of group processes.

A vast network of specialized service providers are at my disposal for special team workshops with event focus: ranging from outdoor events, working with horses, cooking events, drumming, jazz combos, and art creation in museums to high rope courses and wine rallies.

Workshop Moderation Training

For some companies I am working with designated employees to be trained for their role as internal workshop coaches – so far exclusively in German.

Very effective may be the following modules for you, which can be booked separately:

  • Conceptual planning of presentations (1 day)
  • Convincing presentations, overall appearance and a positive aura (2 days)
  • Fundamental moderation techniques supported by hands-on training (2 days)
  • Moderation techniques for problem analysis and idea workshops (2 days)
  • Handling critical situations in presentations and moderations (2 days)

Large Group Workshops

Large group workshops are defined as a group size from 20 to about 200 participants, in which focused panel discussions and panel moderations are almost impossible to carry out.

The challenge with large group workshops is to have participants get actively involved with their personal issue and ideas – and to conclude the workshop by bringing everyone together in order to reach a shared goal.

I can contribute a lot with my experience.