Being a freelance consultant for 20 years, as well as presenter, trainer and coach, I am able to offer the complete spectrum in the broad field of „soft skills“, especially for corporations, mid-size companies as well as for consulting firms.

Please see my topic overview for a first reference of possible collaboration. If you are interested in getting to know the possibilities, please contact me.

Leading oneself

Time management and life balance

Really getting to know the personal values and goals, following through with the according priorities and bringing everything in alignment with everyday job demands, is a major challenge for everyone in today’s turbulent times. Important requirements here are optimal self-organization and efficient office management.

Seminars, team workshops and individual coachings are an excellent support in these issues. Use them at an early stage for your individual needs!

Your own position and career planning

Everyday life often does not allow for fundamental reflections of key questions: What do I want to achieve in my life? Which is the most effective next step to my goal? Where are my strengths and in which areas do I wish to further develop, in order to make myself able to reach my personal goals and fulfil my dreams?

Individual coaching is an outstanding tool for getting to the bottom of these questions and for finding a satisfying answer.

Leading others

Leadership and team development

High-powered, motivated and innovative teams are a key necessity for long-term business success.

All executive staff must ask themselves the following questions:

  • How do implement individual and situational leadership with my employees?
  • How can I further develop my team?
  • How can we, as a team, achieve top results and maintain our sustainable well-being?
  • What can I contribute, to promote and strengthen a lasting sense of unity in my team?
  • How do I constructively solve conflicts in my team?
  • How do I promote creativity in my team?
  • How do I lead and develop virtual teams?
  • What is the best leadership style in a matrix organization?
  • How can we become more skillful and more flexible, without losing the big picture?

I gained a lot of experience with team developments in very diverse companies – in good as well as in difficult times and phases. Take advantage of my experience!

I also perform measures for team development in English.

Presentation and workshop moderation

Presentations, appearance and a positive aura have become vital assets in today’s business world, as well as thoroughly structured and well prepared leading of meetings and workshops.

Workshops in presentation and moderation are exclusively held in German.

Communicating and Negotiating

Successful project work, team work and negotiations are all based on effective communication.

Workshops in communication and negotiation methods are exclusively held in German.

Conflict Management and Conflict Mediation

Workshops in conflict management and conflict mediation are exclusively held in German.

Marketing and Innovation

Design thinking

How can we succeed in being creative and a bit more ‚crazy‘, at the same time keep being focused on a goal?

My key to successful systemic business creativity is the combination of the Walt-Disney success strategy and analysis and creativity techniques, supported by a consistent moderation.

This is my general fundament for moderating the vision- and future workshops, innovation workshops and problem solving workshops – from small to large participant groups.

Furthermore, I train internal moderators for design thinking and creative innovation and continue to support them by individual coaching.

Profit from my experience and know-how of design thinking, which I have collected in diverse companies! I promise it will be fascinating.

Sales and Marketing

My offer is comprised of strategic consulting and innovation-promoting moderation in workshops:

  • Development of innovative products and services
  • Vision and strategy development
  • Systematic idea generating and idea selecting
  • Preparing of USP and Value Argumentation – Elevator Pitch
  • Sales skills qualification of your staff – soft skills in client contacts
  • Organization of Marketing and Sales conventions and trainings

Individual consulting and coaching of executive staff in Marketing and Sales